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Commercial building

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12,000 square meters commercial building in Hønefoss. T. Håkonsen have installed everything from roof, walls and fittings. We would like ...

Cardboard plant

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The picture is taken from the final phase of our project VPK Peterson in Halden. Upon completion, this will be the most modern corrugated cardboa...

Sessvollmoen military camp

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Warehouse build for the Norwegian construction company Ø.M. Fjeld at Sessvollmoen military camp outside of Oslo.

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Jørn Teksum ny daglig leder i Hey’di

Styret i Hey’di AS har ansatt Jørn Teksum som ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible company in the Norwegian construction industry, T.Håkonsen wishes to take corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously, as we believe companies have a clear responsibility for the society and their employees in addition to maximizing the revenues and profits for its owner.

Examples of CSR actions:

  • We give our employees competitive wages and conditions
  • Focusing on finding environmentally friendly alternatives on how to conduct our business.
  • Supports local teams and associations in our surroundings.
  • Member of the Qualification program: StartBANK for serious players in the construction industry.


What clients say

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